Davis AquaStarz Synchronized Swimming Team Website


The following information is for AquaStarz swimming in the VFCAL March - July season. If you have completed one year of VFCAL intermediate competition, please contact the AquaStarz USA Representative to get more information about joining the AquaStarz USA Synchro program.

Q: What is the difference between Novice and Intermediates?
A: The Novice swimmers are swimmers who have not yet met the requirements to move to intermediates. To become an intermediate the swimmer needs to either place first to eighth place in figures at Champs (in the top 6 in the 9-10 age group) or place first in 3 dual meets. The first time a swimmer places at Champs, the coach must agree to move the swimmer to intermediates. If a swimmer meets the requirements twice, the swimmer is automatically moved to intermediates.

Q: When is a swimmer considered to be on the AquaStarz team?
A: A swimmer is considered an AquaStarz team member when she is registered as an AquaStarz swimmer and is a team member in good standing.

Q: Is this team primarily for recreation or competition?
A: The AquaStarz team belongs to the VFCAL. The VFCAL is a recreation league that comprises of weekly meets in June and July and a Championship meet (Champs) in July.

Q: What does VFCAL stand for?
A: Valley Foothill Competitive Aquatic League.

Q: Are swimmers required to compete in meets?
A: Swimmers are not required to compete in any of the meets or Champs. All swimmers, whether or not they compete, will learn a routine and perform it at the AquaStarz annual show in July.

Q: Who is allowed to participate in meets?
A: All swimmers that can perform the necessary figures for the meet and are registered with the VFCAL may participate in meets. VFCAL limits registration for figures competition to 40 swimmers per team.

Q: Can I do Champs and not the dual meets?
A: No. Participation in at least two dual meets, is required to compete at Champs.

Q: What do the swimmers do at the meets?
A: All swimmers perform figures at the meets. Some routines will be performed at the meets per the VFCAL schedule. 

Q: Who determines which swimmers will do routines at the dual meets?
A: The coaches determine whether a swimmer is ready to compete in a dual meet and/or Champs.

Q: Do all swimmers competing at Champs do figures and routines?
A: No. 40 swimmers can compete in figures but not all swimmers do routines. VFCAL limits each team to 12 routines at Champs. Swimmers usually do not do routines their first year in competition. The coaches make all decisions about who will participate in routines.

Q: What do we wear at dual meets?
A: The swimmers all wear a black swim suit, goggles and a white swim cap. Many swimmers purchase an AquaStarz swim cap and turn it inside out for meets.

Q: When do swimmers need special costumes for their routines?
A: Swimmers will need costumes for routines at Champs and our annual show.

Q: Who decides the costume design?
A: The costume design is up to the swimmers/parents in the routine with subject to approval of the coach.  If requested, a team volunteer will assist with suit design and work with the parents and coach to help find a design that works for the swimmers in the routine.

Q: Who can I ask if I have questions?
A: You can ask any Board member or experienced parent. We are all willing to help and answer any questions you may have. Novice or Intermediate Representatives or any board member are available to discuss questions or concerns at any time.  Please do not approach coaches with questions or concerns.

Q: How are routines decided? Who is included in a given routine?
A: The coaches decide who will be in a routine.

Q: What types of routines are there?
A: There are routines for novice swimmers and intermediate swimmers. In both novice and intermediate categories, a swimmer could be in a solo, duet, trio, team (4-8 swimmers) or combo (4-10 swimmers) routines.

Q: How is information about routines communicated to the swimmers? To parents?
A: Coaches will tell the swimmers which routines they will be assigned in April. They are always welcome to talk to the board about any concerns regarding routine assignments. Parents should not approach coaches about routine assignments.

Q: What is the season for synchronized swimming? When can girls begin training?
A: The AquaStarz season begins in March with conditioning, but the swimmers may not begin to learn their routines until the first week of May. 

Q: When are the practices? How long are the practices?
A: Starting in March we have practices every Tuesday/Thursday and Saturday. Depending on the time of year the practices range from 4-7 hours a week. Starting in summer, weekday practices move to evening hours due to pool availability, and can be any day of the week Monday-Saturday depending on the routine. The team will send out a schedule.